Erotic photography and videography by Dennis Claes

Finding a balance between erotica and art

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About me

I could tell you about photography being my passion and blabla … but that “should” be obvious. lol

So let me tell you some cool facts about me:

  • I’m from Belgium
  • I love spaghetti (no seriously, you have no idea haha)
  • Every friday I visit my friends, it’s my “day off”.
  • I’m a very positive guy, I love laughing, a lot!
  • I love people … just don’t put me in a group of them. haha

About my videos

My videos are erotic / pornographic music videos, made with a lot of love and passion.  I invest so much time into making these, it’s crazy.  But I enjoy the results so much.  


While it’s never been my mission statement to do so, I do tend to portray women in strong, powerful roles.  I have a focus on elegance and sensuality and like to portray sexuality in a more stylized way than your everyday porn movie.

I hope you’ll enjoy the movies and appreciate the amount of work that was put into it by myself and everybody that helped me to achieve these results.  

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What will I get?

  • More money to buy spaghetti