Where to find models for erotic shoots?

Where to find models for erotic shoots?

There are a few ways how you can find models for your (erotic) shoots. Let’s discuss the main ones.

Your own network

This is where I find all of my models for my erotic photography. As a general rule, I don’t ask models for this genre that I haven’t worked with before. All of my models are either models that I’ve worked with in other projects or models who’ve asked me.

My erotic shoots have, so far, started in a very organic way. I never go out and “search” for erotic models. I just have my regular models, we talk and sometimes she expresses an interest in erotic photography and we plan a shoot for it.

Have the models ask you

This leans closely to the last point. It’s not really your own network, but once you put out quality work, models will start asking you. When we are talking about erotic work, there is an increase in OnlyFans models that need good photographers to create quality content.

Once you get known with OnlyFans models in your area, more and more of them will start asking you to create content for them.

Social media

There are social media groups, like facebook, that provide a way for models and photographers to connect. It’s an option, but I would not recommend looking for models there. If you have 100 models, maaaaaaybe 1 or 2 will pose up to erotic levels. Which means you are reaching 98 models that are not your target audience.

Also, I would not recommend asking random people on social media without knowing beforehand that she is open to posing up to those levels.

Lastly, IF you are going to contact a model over social media for an erotic shoot, be upfront about it. Don’t invite her for a boudoir or nude shoot, only to try and push her levels before or during the shoot. Your reputation, alongside with your portfolio is your currency.


Network sites

There are many sites out there that focus on networking models and photographers. The main advantage of these sites, compared to social media, is that the models indicate their levels in their profile. That means you can look specifically for models in your area that pose up to erotic levels.

One of the most known network sites is www.modelmayhem.com In Europe, www.purpleport.com is also quickly growing.

Pay models

Most of the images on my website come from TFP shoots. It means we only give each other our time. We work out a project and we both get the images.

However, this largely depends on, as I said before, your reputation and your portfolio. If you don’t have an existing network, you will also have a hell of a time to find models who will pose up until erotic levels on a TFP basis.

So the fastest way to find models is simply to pay them. Paying a model is a shortcut and will save you a lot of time in your search. Apart from that, you will get a professional model, which will greatly elevate your portfolio.

You can find these professional models on networking sites.

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