How I got started doing erotic video shoots

How I got started doing erotic video shoots

As you may have noticed, I recently started adding artistic erotic videos to my website. Let me tell you the story of how that came to be.

I already had the feeling that video was becoming more and more important in today’s social media. But it seemed so daunting to learn a new skill and I’m not a risk taker, so I kept doing what I do well: take pictures.

One of my best friends started doing OnlyFans, where she offers explicit content. We know each other for a few years now, so she trusts me and feels comfortable around me. So I was the natural “go-to guy” for her when she needed some pornographic videos. I was honored by her request, but I also warned her that … well … I don’t know ANYTHING about creating video. No problem, she didn’t need a high-quality art project. Just a guy to move the camera.

After the shoot, she was happy, but it was clear that the quality could be higher (ahum … a lot higher). So she pushed me to up my video skills. At first, I was like “yeah, easy for you to say, I’ve been learning photography for about 20 years, but I’m sure I can learn videography by next week”.

So I started following some video blogs, read some articles, shoot some test footage … Learning, learning, learning, for a bout 2-3 weeks. And the more I learned, the more I realized that videography isn’t THAT different from photography.

Skip a few weeks and I was at a shoot with a model I know. At the end of the shoot, I asked if I could take some test footage. I told her it would probably be crap, but I needed to experiment. So I did soms pans, bodyshots, close-ups, zoom, focuspulling, … Just to “mess around”.

I wasn’t planning on creating an actual movieclip, but I started editing and was really enjoying myself. So I decided to create my first videoshoot clip.

It was about 1 minute long and I was pretty happy with it. So I uploaded it to a facebook group of videographers. They gave soms compliments, but also some really useful criticism. Mainly to start editing “to the music” and be a bit more consistent with the story, instead of just mixing some random images.

Skip ahead a few weeks and I had a duoshoot with Natalia and Danique. I was pretty confident that I could create a high quality video for them, so we did. I did have to “manage” Natalia a bit. She had a lot of great ideas, but we needed to make them chronologically, that was an important thing I’ve learned, to have some sense of storyline.

So we created about 60 videoshots of them teasing, undressing, caressing, moving, … Always really short clips of 10 seconds, shooting a specific movement, with a specific frame, with a specific aperture to focus on a specific thing. It was quite meticulous.

It was my first soft erotic video and I got amazing feedback on it, which motivated me to do more of these videoshoots.

Skip ahead another few weeks and my friend needed a new pornographic video for her OnlyFans. I’m happy to help her and I don’t mind shooting the “flat porn” videos for her, because they are low effort and require almost no editing. But I proposed to aim a bit higher quality-wise and make my first explicit, pornographic art video. She was hesitant at first. She did not believe an “art” video could be arousing or worth selling, she (or rather, her clients) preferred the “flat porn” content. I think she eventually did it as a favor to me because we are friends. But I was convinced I could provide her with something awesome.

So again, we did 88 videoshots, telling a story of her stripping, teasing, playing with herself and eventually using a glass dildo on herself.

I edited the video the same day (well … night … it took me 4 hours to edit the 4 minute clip).

She was extatic! She loved the video so much, she was litterally clapping her hands and jumping around. She started sharing the video the same night with her friends, who also were really enthousiastic about it.

I myself was really really really happy with the video. It was everything I hoped for and more. So I too started sharing the video with some close friends (models). Everybody was really excited about the video, it was great! But there was one response that stood out from everybody else …

Lady Vengeance is a model who I’ve work with for a couple of years now. We’ve done nude shoots in the past, but she has been clear about her comfortlevels and those did not include explicit erotic images, so I never asked to go beyond those levels. It didn’t even occur to me. But when she saw Natalia’s video, she said: “I generally don’t like that type of video, but I would love to do a video like that, that’s how well you made it”. It was the best compliment somebody could ever give me. To me that meant I succeeded in creating something that was both erotic, pornographic even, but still artistic and beautiful to watch.

At first I was still thinking she was speaking “hypothetically”, but no … she actually made an appointment and a few weeks later, we made the video. This is the first and maybe only explicit video of Lady Vengeance and I could not be prouder of both the video and the honor of her working with me on a project like this.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning. Since doing these erotic videoshoots, the demand by models has been rising. Even models who I could only dream of working with, are now asking to also have a video like this. I’m bursting with idea’s for my next shoot, so more to come! 🙂

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