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Most Frequently Asked Questions about OnlyFans

Over the past 2 years, I’ve worked with a lot of OnlyFans models. I managed the account of one of them for a few months and gained a lot of knowledge on the platform and the economics behind it.

As its popularity keeps rising, I’ve been getting more and more questions about it from models who would like to start doing it. Here are some important notes:

What is it?

OnlyFans is a social media platform, just like facebook or instagram. The only difference is that you can ask for a subscription fee to gain access to your content and a lot of content, like nudity and pornography are allowed.

How does it work?

Just like facebook. You create a post, which can contain text, image, video or a poll. You create posts to keep your subscribers entertained.


You also have a private messaging functionality so you can talk to your subscribers and even sell them extra content (you send it to them and they can only open it, if they pay for the message).

Why would anybody pay for this???

Why would anybody pay for this when there is so much free porn online?  That is one of the most asked questions.


It’s not “just” porn.  People are following “you”.  OnlyFans offer a much more intimate connection with the creator.  They are following your life, seeing the “real” you, they can comment on your content and get a reaction, they can message you.  It’s a social media platform in every sense of the word.  But because people are paying for it, they get a much more “exclusive” connection with you.  People are always curious about the things that happen behind your paywall.

Do I have to upload pornographic content?

No. OnlyFans actually wasn’t inherently designed with pornography in mind. You could even use it to just upload recipes or yoga training videos. There are some high paid content creators out there on OnlyFans that are not selling any pornographic content.


That being said, the vast majority of creators are uploading pornographic content. When you start an account, you have a lot of other models to “compete” with that are uploading very explicit content, which will be a lot harder to do when you don’t offer content of similar levels. Most models that are successful on OnlyFans without pornographic content are models that either:
1) already have a massive following on other social media platforms
2) are offering something else that is really unique (could be unique looks or other talents that you have that really set you aside from all other creators)

What kind of content do I create for it?

This is the cool part: it can be EVERYTHING! Keep in mind, your fans are really that: fans. They are not “just” looking for porn. They can find that everywhere. They are looking to get an insight into your life, get to know the person behind the model. So while they do look for explicit stuff, they really want to see a “story”.


So in that regards you can upload:

– Images from your photoshoots
– Selfies
– Videos
– Just text posts
– Behind the scenes content
– Bloopers
– Telling them about your next projects
– Polls
– Ask them questions about their day and interact with them
– …


Just posting nude images everyday is only going to get you so far. Make it interesting, tell a story. And the fun thing is: it doesn’t even have to be YOUR story. Make up a persona and tell her story. Try not to outright lie, but you can keep some stuff private and other stuff from your life you make bigger or funnier or sexier, … How about cooking nude for example?

How much will I earn?

Most models earn 200-500 dollar / month. It depends on what content your are offering and how large your following is on other platforms.


You will hear stories about models earning thousands of dollars every month. While this may happen, it’s not very common. Only about the top 10% of OnlyFans creators earn more than 1 000 dollar / month and only the top 4% are making over 3 000 dollar / month.  Aiming for +20 000 dollar per month?  Then you need to be in the top 1%  Based on this article.

How often do I need to post?

I would say once a day is a good average. There are accounts out there that post once a week and others that post 5 times a day. Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent. Pick a tempo and stick with that, so that your fans will know when to expect the next post.


I would highly recommend using the schedule tool for that. When I managed a profile, I spent a few hours at the beginning of every month just scheduling ALL the content for the whole month, so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. It just gets posted automatically then.

I would also recommend to have a buffer of content. Create enough content so that if you are sick or go on a vacation, you don’t need to worry about creating content. At least 1-2 months of content would be a good buffer.

Can I do it anonymously?

Technically, yes, but in real life: NO! Absolutely NOT! Please always assume that when you start doing this, that there is a HIGH probability that your friends, family and co-workers will find out about this. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please don’t upload any content that you don’t want them to see.


There is nothing inherently wrong with doing onlyfans, doing porn or working in the sex industry. But if you feel it would negatively impact your life if people around you found out, I would recommend really thinking about this before you get started.

Do I have to promote my OnlyFans?

Yes. OnlyFans is not a website where people go on to randomly look for models to watch. People go on OnlyFans because they want to see a specific model they know (either real life or from social media). So it’s up to you to let as many people as possible know that you have an OnlyFans account.  

How do I promote my OnlyFans?

There is no one clear way, otherwise everybody would be doing the same thing. It works different for everybody. The best way is to promote via social media. Facebook, instagram, twitter and reddit are the most common ways of promotion. You do have to be careful on facebook and instagram of course with the kind of content you use to promote yourself.


One commonly used tactic is to use services like to group all of your links together (OnlyFans, website, snapchat, twitter, …) and kind of “mask” it for instagram and facebook.


You promote by teasing a lot. Putting up sexy images, create stories, censored nudes, stories, reels, sending out PMs, run promotions (50% off for 1 week, …)

This is what’s going to cost the most amount of time when doing OnlyFans.

What should I set my subscription at?

There are two main ways of earning with OnlyFans: subscriptions and PPVs (and tips, to a lesser extent).

You subscription is what they pay monthly to see your timeline. A PPV is a private message that you send to all of your subscribers with a piece of content (images or video) and they pay extra per message to see the content.

Knowing that, the average subscription fee is around 15$ / month on OnlyFans. But you could decide to go lower, to attract more subscribers, that you can then upsell via PPV. OR you decide to increase that subscription fee and attract less people, but more wealthy subscribers, who will probably be quicker to buy PPV content.


There is no “right” strategy. It all depends on your online persona and how many followers you already have. I would recommend to start high in subscription price (15-25$ / month) and then start experimenting with promotions (50% off) to see at what price level you gain the most subscribers, without losing total revenue.

Is my content safe?

No. You cannot “save” any content on OnlyFans, but all images and videos can be screenshotted. There are a lot of people downloading OnlyFans content and selling it on channels like Telegram and torrent sites. There’s little you can do about it. So keep that in mind. Your content could start leading it’s own life.  

Am I safe?

Yes, but be sure never to meet with any fans. Most of them will probably be nice people, but OnlyFans provides anonymity to your subscribers, so you never know for sure who is on the other end of the screen.


Models that can be booked should especially be aware of this. Sometimes photographers subscribe to your account, without you knowing. They only get to see a hypersexualized version of you. The model that is always horny, always masturbating, … When I managed a model’s OnlyFans account I got at least 2 photographers per month who wanted to book her, in the hopes of “getting some action” with that model who is always horny. Most of the times they asked outright if she would have sex with them during the shoot if they paid extra.  Some people can’t separate fiction from reality. The fact that you don’t know the names of your subscribers can put you in harms way when meeting photographers that book you.


Other than that, I think OnlyFans is one of the safest ways to make money in the sex industry.  It empowers women to take control of both production, distribution and sales of their content.

Do I have to work with photographers?

No, you could create all of your content yourself. Working with photographers can help you create a “story” though. The story of you being a professional model. I would recommend working with a few photographers that you know and trust and will get you some quality content.

Do I need to pay taxes on my revenue?

Yes. OnlyFans does take care of the VAT, but your still need to pay income tax on your earnings. In a lot of countries, like my own, Belgium, you need to register as an independent. Smaller creators sometimes don’t do this and take the chance, but since all transactions are done to your bank account. It’s pretty clear to the tax inspectors that you have earned income.

Can I use it as a photographer?

Yes, but it does come with some obstacles. For every model image you upload you need to have:

– An image of the model’s ID
– An image of the model holding her ID close to her face
– A model release


You can make this a part of your workflow during a shoot, but it’s harder when you want to upload archives of images, for which you don’t always have an ID for.

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