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    Dennis Claes Fotografie


    (BE)- 0836 340 928

    Leuvensesteenweg 258

    3070 Kortenberg

    +32 497 84 80 67


    But wait! Maybe I already have an answer for you!

    Do you have any more exclusive material?

    No, everything I have, I post here, either public or for subscribers. I have nothing more.

    How many images / videos will I see when I join?

    Portfolio: 1 new image every day

    Full galleries: Every month I will add 2-3 new full galleries

    Video Shoots: Every 3 weeks, there will be a new video

    Behind The Scenes: there is no fixed schedule, but on average I do upload 5-10 BTS clips / month

    Exclusive content (webshop only): there is no fixed schedule, but on average I upload 1-2 exclusive clips / month in my webshop

    I bought a video, but can't find it again

    When you buy a video, it starts playing.  In that player, on the bottom right, is a button to download the video.

    If you can’t find the video anymore, go to “my account”, then “downloads”.